News and Updates

July 2019-performed as Oberon in Midsummer Night’s Dream at the Kraine Theatre

May 2019-performed as Baptista in Taming of the Shrew at the Kraine Theatre

Feb. 2019-wrapped the web series, “Genesis”

Jan. 2019-wrapped a feature film, currently entitled “Snowman”

Oct. 2018-begin pre production of a new web series, “Genesis”

Aug. 2018-completion of filming short film, "Leisure."

July 2018-amazing ritual production done with Daughters Collective, titled "The Chaos Invocation."

May. 2018- completion of filming a new project, entitled "Mutually Assured." 

Dec. 2017-"Mount Treacherous" wins a Silver award at the Spotlight Horror Film Awards. 

Aug. 2017- completion of filming on a SAG short film called "Mount Treacherous." She played Liz, one of the leads. Check it out on IMDB! 

Jul. 2017- one of Katrina's recent films, "Good Intentions," was just accepted into the Rhode Island International Film Festival!

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